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 Experience the effects of Massage therapy by Sher and emerge back into the world calm and invigorated!! Not only can you ease your pain of sore muscles but treat yourself to the many services that Sher offers, Keratherapy hair tretment, hair coloring, waxing, pedicures and spray tanning. Call or book your appointments online to Relax & Unwind!!

Custom Massage-A massage that uses a variety of techniques with light to deeper work designed specifically to each individual. Whether you would like to just relax or have a more therapeutic experience with focus on target area of tension and pain, each massage session will be tailored to accommodate you.

Hot Stone- Along with Swedish strokes it involves the use of smooth, heated stones to massage the body. The heat of the stones warms the muscle tissue which helps the muscles to relax to get to deeper layers while still using light pressure. A very comforting and deeply relaxing massage.

Focus Relief- A great way to work on pain relief or maintenance to specific area of the body. 30 minutes to reduce tension and/or pain to area of your choice: neck, shoulders, back, legs, arms, hands and feet. 

Cupping Therapy-A method of using special cups that suction the tissue to increase blood flow to local areas of discomfort. Helps promote pain relief, decrease inflammation, and increase ROM to injuries.

Classic Pedicure- Foot bath with exfoilating scrub to feet. Treatment to cuticles and calluses. Feet massaged and nails, shaped, buffed and polished.

Tranquil Pedicure- Feet are soaked in a aromatic bath. Exfoliating scrub and massage with your choice of added essential oil applied to feet and legs with treatment to cuticles and calluses. Nails are shaped, buffed, and polished. 

Luxury Pedicure- Everything done in tranquil pedicure with the addition of a foot mask with hot towel wrap and 10 minute massage to feet. 

Nufree hair removal- A soy bean oil and germicidal based wax that is used to remove unwanted hair from a variety of areas of the body. 

Keratherapy- Add keratin protien for more managable, less frizz, smooth and shiny hair. Last 3-6 months. (2-3hr. process)

Spray Tanning- Forget about baking in the sun or tanning in a bed as that is really bad for you. In just a few minutes you can get the desired full body tan you'll love in the convenience of a private room as a specialist mist you with tanning solution from a spay gun. Tan typically last 5-10 days.




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